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Why Use 3D Laser Scanning Services?

Do you want to benefit from the latest 3D laser scanning services?

3D laser scanning is so fast and efficient it can look like pure magic, with process taking a mere matter of seconds. Is also suitable for a wide number of different industries, from creating video games to the documentation of cultural artefacts.

Used to create a point cloud, 3D laser scanning collects information that goes beyond surface appearances. It can even be used for archaeological purposes, and has uncovered some incredible discoveries in the past few years. For instance, most recently it has been used to uncover 3,000 years of Italian history, by mapping the history of the ancient town of Volterra.

One of its most common applications of 3D laser scanning is industrial design, reverse engineering and prototyping, and quality control/inspections.

If you work in engineering and need a 3D laser scanning service, Hope Draughting, provide the latest technology to design consultants, engineers, installers and manufacturers all over the UK.

From performing 3D laser scanning surveys to making fly-through animations, our professional team can save you time and money on any engineering project.

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