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Why Use our 3D Scanning Service?

Need to turn an industrial space into a 100% accurate digital representation?

For a quick and affordable technique look towards Hope Draughting’s 3D scanning services. Part of the Engenda Group, we offer this innovative technique for companies all over the UK.

Whether you work in industrial design, architecture or construction, 3D scanning offers a quick, affordable and incredibly accurate way to gather data.

Although it’s not magic, it certainly can look like it!

3D scanning can do some amazing things, such as mapping out buried historical sites and even people’s bodies.

Involving the use of non-contact and non-destruction technology, it involves digitally capturing the shape of real-life objects by using a line of laser light and creating a point cloud of data from the surface.

Collecting data with astonishing detail and accuracy, 3D scanning is the ideal solution for those who need meticulous and thorough representations of objects or spaces. It will accurately document the present condition of your facilities; this can then minimise conflicts between new and existing components.

Our 3D scanning services can produce a vast amount of accurate data in the shortest space of time, which is excellent for making modifications to existing models and saving time and money on future developments.

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